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Welcome to ATOMRC official website

  • SteadyView receiver merges two signal to one, make image more stable and clear in challenging condition.
  • Module bay, goggles have more capability to upgrade.
  • Focus Adjustmentm, The new Optics have large Field of View (37 degree). and the Optics have Focus adjustment feature (-6~+6), no need diopter any more.
  • LCOS Screen, The 1280*960 screen have high resolution and vivid color, high contrast ration, pilots can see more details.
  • Advanced Screen Settings, The aspect ration can is switchable, and 4 Preset screen setting and 3 customized setting for indoor, outdoor flight or different weather.
  • Shuttle Wheel Control, No more confusing multi function button or 5 way Joy stick, with smooth and nature shuttle control, easy to navigate.
  • New User Interface with 10 languages, New UI with shuttle wheel, easy to navigate, 10 languages to choose for local user.
  • Built-in DVR