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Customer Reviews

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Great plane!

It flies very well!
Package was well secured, manual was easy to follow.
There was no problems at all, amazing quality!

Don't bother ordering

What a situation :)

Ordered it while being in stock, on May 7 2024, it is May 27 and the product never arrived, actually has never been dispatched yet.

Contacted the "customer support" and [****] multiple times, got no reply whatsoever.

Spare yourself the money and never order anything from this site.

salvatore Patti
Great Plane

Well I really like this plane, It is a great flyer. I even got another one to have on hand if this one goes down.

Holy wow

I got the PNP version. Yes, everyone is right. You will be all alone building this. The instructions are practically non existent, and you will need to be figuring out a lot on your own. To each their own, but personally I find taking my time to build a unique model like this to be extremely fulfilling. Just remember to take a breather if you get frustrated (speaking from experience) and come back to it later. I work long shifts at work, so it took me about a week of getting off and spending 30 minutes to an hour on it every night so that I can fly it on the weekend, but when it flew, it was such an amazing feeling, I recommend anyone looking into this to go ahead and pull the trigger on it. You won’t regret it.

There’s a couple niche things when putting it together you night want to note like, for instance, the motors don’t have color coated wires, they are just all black so you will have to guess the polarity as well as positive and negative when soldering to the ESC. The other thing that was destroying my brain forever was the fact that the connector on the wing had swapped pins. The connector for the wing didn’t have a signal for the motor to the ESC so I couldn’t control the motors (not sure if it’s supposed to be like this or if this was a defect), but either way I ended up just soldering the signal wire from the servo connector coming from the flight controller directly to the signal wire coming from the ESC and that did it. Hopefully that can save at least someone some trouble, but just remember not to get frustrated and take your time. Everything will work, and there’s no reason for it not to. If it doesn’t just check the wires and where there going and you will find the problem, I promise! You got this!!

Jorge Jimenez
Good looking plane, and well configured. for FPV and FC

I just got my PNP version in the mail. Almost everything is great, but check your contents carefully, my plane came missing two ball links for the v-tail, and I am having to contact support to try and get them to fix it.

Other than that, the plane came together easily and is a really good-looking plane. I've seen video reviews and I expect this to be a very efficient mid-range cruiser. I'm hoping to get 30+ minutes worth of flight time with a 4S battery, will probably try a 2700 mAh battery I already have.